Controller v4




Single or Dual Door Controllers

DLA (Digital Lock Access) Controller is part of WebLock's Online Access Control System that connects the WebLock Cloud and the electric locks and keypads.

Product Description

WebLockʼs DLA v4 connects to the WebLock cloud via wired LAN, WiFi, or mobile NBIoT networks.
Each DLA supports up to two entryways equipped with solenoid or motor-driven locks, keypads or card readers communicating over Wiegand or RS-232 interfaces, and door status sensors.
Additional I/O pins enable integration with other equipment, such as lighting.
No additional central unit is needed. Depending on the number of controllers in one location, you can choose single controller boxes, multi-controller enclosures or rack-mounted configurations for your installation.


Up to 2 Wiegand or RS-232 readers
Up to 2 lock drivers (maximum 3A @ 12VDC each)
Up to 2 inputs for door status sensors (such as Hall-effect sensors)
Up to 2 inputs for tamper sensors
Ethernet, WiFi, and NB-IoT support available
Supports 25,000–50,000 cards, codes, or access rules per controller
Able to log 100,000 events locally
Push-in connections for easy wiring (20-26 AWG solid-core wire supported, suitable for CAT5 or CAT6)
AES256 encryption


System architecture with DLA v4 controller

DLA v4 controller wiring diagram (some features dependent on variant)