Integrations / Hotels

Mews Property Management System integration with WebLock allows the full automation of the guest’s journey from booking to checkout, minimizing staff working hours and ensuring safe social distancing. With Mews integration, guests get an automated e-mail or SMS with their personal access link or personal access code for their room. Mews also helps to expedite the room turnover process. Guests can use the checkout code, that forwards the start of the room cleaning.

Cloudbeds management software is made for properties of all sizes – hotels, hostels, vacation rentals. The software combines PMS, channel manager and booking engine. Cloudbeds and WebLock integration make online check-in easy. If a guest makes a booking, Cloudbeds sends this information to WebLock system. It triggers WebLock to generate access to a guest for their booking dates. WebLock system sends the code to Cloudbeds. The code is then automatically sent to a guest without a human being interfering.

Guesty management software now allows you to automatically send personal WebLock access codes to clients. Guesty is a software platform for short-term lease management. Guesty brings together bookings made on different platforms (AirBNB,, etc.) and personal channels (company websites, phone or e-mail) and allows you to keep customer communication conveniently in one place. After the customer makes a reservation, the information about the reservation is transferred to the Guesty platform, and from there again to the WebLock software, where a unique door code is generated for the customer by the program, which reaches the customer through the Guesty platform with arrival instructions.

GuestJoy is a great tool to manage communication and stay connected with your guests. Scheduled automated e-mails help guests check-in online, order room service or other additional services and also collect feedback. Integrated with WebLock, it will send out automatically personal entry codes or mobile links to use as a contactless room key. No app download necessary.

BOUK by ED for hotels is an all-in-one hospitality sales & management system (PMS). All you need is BOUK PMS because it’s easy to set up and includes a Property Management System (PMS), Booking Engine (IBE), Channel Manager, and Gift Card E-shop. BOUK PMS is recommended for small hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, guesthouses, holiday homes, tourist farms, and apartments. WebLock & BOUK integration allows the full automation of the guest’s journey from booking to checkout, guests get an automated e-mail or SMS with their personal access link or personal access code for their room.

At-visions integration connects WebLock hardware with At-Visions app that allows guests to use mobile phones as their room key as well as order in-room dining, communicate with hotel staff, stream Netflix, or use other hotel services. Sending out WebLock personal access codes or allowing mobile access to guests is automated.

Booklux is an online booking and management system that can easily be integrated to your hotel website for guests to book spa treatments or use of sport facilities such as tennis courts. Thanks to WebLock and Bookloox integration guests get personal access codes to spa-area or sport facility automatically.

Fujitsu Persona integration makes it easy to report staff work hours, and manage payroll and workflow planning. This integration is especially useful in companies with many employees with hourly wages. WebLock smart code panel registers the pass-card or the personal employee code when an employee arrives or leaves the working place. Time and attendance data is automatically sent from WebLock to Fuijitsu Persona software where payroll is calculated and next shifts are planned.