Online electronic handle with a keypad and standard RFID-Reader for Euro Profile with integrated door sensor.






Product Description

WebLock Shield is a wireless smart handle with a keypad. Shield is easy to install and helps you promptly automate your property. Use with pincodes, cards, WebLock app and API.
Batteries inside the door – reader element outside the door. Battery indication LED and low battery notification in WebLock Cloud.
From the inside, the door can always be opened manually with the handle. Mechanical key override from both sides.
Integrated sensor for door position. Display LED for status visualization.
WebLock Shield works with Shield Hub. Depending on deployment, different number of hubs is needed. One hub can operate unlimited WebLock Shield handles.
WebLock Shield Hub connects to internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data.
Card and pin-code data is synchronized, locks are operational in case of internet or power connection failure.

Scope of delivery

1 x inside escutcheon
1 x outside escutcheon with capacitive keypad
Silicon seals for escutcheon
1 x shaft (door thickness needs to be specified)
2 x screws (Socked, Hex/Allen) for attaching escutcheons to the door
1 x Allen wrench 2.0
1 x Allen wrench 3.0
Vacuum cap for removing the cylinder cover from outside escutcheon


Mortise, cylinder, striker plate and batteries not included. Suits Euro profile regular or automated mortise locks where cylinder and handle centre distance are 72mm, 85 mm, or 92 mm.
WebLock Shield is for indoor use only. Harsh environments may affect product operability (excessive humidity, salt, extreme temperatures).

Technical data