WebLock user’s story: a cargo bike rental in Tartu

Like to travel in an environmentally friendly way, but need to deliver more things from place to place? Cargo bike rental to the rescue! A new and unique service in Tartu that’s both convenient and contactless.

Your cargo bike awaits you secured and sheltered, protected from the rain. When you make a reservation online, you receive a Weblock smart lock code, which will let you into the bike shed. Of course, it’s issued to you and you alone, and it gives you access to the cycle locker that stores the bike you have reserved. To enter the cycle locker, enter the code and pick up your bike. When it’s time to return the bike, you enter the same bike shed with your code, leave your bike in its cycle locker, and shut the door. 

WebLock kasutuslugu
WebLock locks are used in cargo bike rental boxes in Tartu.

The cargo bike rental service is completely contactless

According to Roman Meeksa, the head of Tartu city transport, the people of Tartu have reacted warmly to the cargo bike rental service. The Velorent pilot project commenced in January 2021. Cargo bikes were used during the winter season, but their peak rental season has inarguably been summer.

“Entering codes and using the cargo bike is easy, reliable, and fast,” says Meeksa. “WebLock smart lock makes it easy to offer the service, as each user automatically receives a unique code from the booking system. Thanks to that, no one has to be out there to rent out bicycles on the spot.”

To rent a cargo bike will cost you 10 euros per day and 25 euros per week. The fact that this is a contactless service undoubtedly contributes to the favorable cargo bike rental price. However, bike renters can call for help by phone too, and maintenance personnel also inspect the bikes.

WebLock cloud-based software allows users to share rights and open doors remotely, so it is well suited for organizing various rental services. WebLock can also be used to open doors, gates, and barriers, including lockers. Cargo bike rental is one of its possible applications. WebLock is also used, for example, on tennis courts and in SmartPost parcels, not to mention rental apartments and aparthotels and offices. WebLock controllers can be installed centrally or locally, and can be wired or wireless. The advantage of WebLock is the easy code exchange. When combined with different booking systems (ie. Booklux, Guesty, Mews, etc.), access codes can be sent to customers automatically, saving them lots of time.

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