Transforming Sauna Experiences: How WebLock Smart Locks Elevate The Pop-Up Sauna in Switzerland

The Pop-up Sauna, located by Lake Zug in Switzerland, offers its customers enchanting views as well as a private and secure guest experience thanks to WebLock smart access control. The sauna operator has automated the entire customer journey: booking, sauna heating, arrival and check-out. Read below how they did it.

Ever since David Beckham showcased his Estonian-made igloo sauna to the world, the idea of small wooden saunas has gained immense popularity. While not everyone can install a personal sauna in their backyard, numerous rental saunas have sprung up globally, offering private or shared experiences with hourly or daily booking options. The Pop-up Sauna next to Lake Zug in Switzerland is one-of-a-kind, providing a unique sauna experience. From the very beginning the owner of the sauna complex, Tobias Müller, was clear that its operation must be simple and modern.

Located directly on Lake Zug at the Strandbad Seeweg in Cham, the Pop-up Sauna features two wooden panoramic saunas, each accommodating up to six people. Fully automated, the sauna experience begins with online booking, where guests receive their PIN code via email and SMS.

Tobias Müller, the owner of the Pop-up Sauna, explains, “Guests use their code to access the enclosed area and again on the sauna door. The codes are unique for each booking and time-bound, ensuring maximum security and privacy.” The pre-heated sauna awaits guests upon arrival, with the option to adjust the temperature online for added convenience. Once the session concludes, the guest’s code expires automatically.

The wooden saunas were crafted in Estonia and brought to Switzerland, with Tobias Müller selecting technical partners from Estonia as well. WebLock Online provides physical access control, integrated seamlessly with Bouk, the online booking system. This integration ensures synchronized bookings and access control, with codes sent out and updated instantly as needed.

This full automation allows for a streamlined customer journey for our guests and easy operations for us as a business

Tobias Müller, Owner of the sauna complex

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