WebLock is now integrated with BidrentoPro rental property management software!

Long-term leased real estate can now be managed completely contactlessly. Thanks to the new interface of the BidrentoPro rental property management software and the WebLock cloud-based access solution, the landlord can control all processes via the internet, from the display of the leased area to the handover of the apartment, as well as maintenance.

The COVID-19 outbreak has made companies think about how to reduce physical exposure to workers and customers. On the one hand, it is virus prevention, but on the other hand, reducing contacts in property management also saves a lot of time. Until now, it has not been rare for rental property to be shown to a potential tenant by both the property owner and the broker at the same time. Thanks to WebLock smart lock, the owner can now issue one-time door codes to the broker or directly to the potential tenant to get acquainted with the rental space. There are no unnecessary contacts and it saves time.

WebLock codes can be issued directly using BidrentoPro management software

To use the new solution, it is necessary to install a WebLock code lock on the apartment door. If the front door of the house has a phono lock, then WebLock also has a solution for its web-based control. To issue codes, BidrentoPro clients can use the usual BidrentoPro management software. All conversations can be conveniently conducted via video call.

The tenant is provided with a unique code that can be used to open both the exterior and the apartment.

Once the tenant has been selected, the BidrentoPro environment allows you to create a lease with a few clicks. After signing, a permanent code can be issued, which the tenant can use to enter the apartment throughout his or her rental period. If the tenant does not renew the lease agreement, the code is automatically canceled at the end of the agreement.

To use the solution, it’s necessary to install a Valnes WebLock code lock on the apartment door.

Contactless maintenance

One-time or time-limited reusable codes can also be issued for maintenance work. This way, there is no need to meet with repairmen or cleaners to allow access to the apartment or to hand over the keys. All the necessary instructions, as well as control over the execution of the work, can be arranged by means of video calls.

BidrentoPro is an innovative rental property management software that makes the lives of apartment owners and managers easier and saves them both time and money. WebLock is a smart, cloud-based access control that helps automate business processes and reduce operating costs.

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