Significant cost savings thanks to WebLock and Hopitude integration

The Alu Sports Hall, opened in the 1980s, is located near Rapla, a small town in Estonia. Like many buildings from that era, it is not particularly economical. The high administrative costs associated with maintaining such sports complexes are a concern for many communities. However, Alu Sports Hall has managed to achieve significant savings in monthly administrative expenses, largely thanks to WebLock smart locks and the Hopitude reservation system.

Every corner of Alu Sports Hall exudes the spirit of the 1980s, yet the facility still has ample resources to offer reasonable sports opportunities close to home for the local residents. The gym is equipped with modern, versatile equipment, and the sports hall’s dimensions allow for all popular ball games to be played without restrictions. Currently, the full-sized gymnasium, the fitness center, and the former auditorium are available for use. The auditorium can host various events since its stage is still functional, making the space suitable for activities such as dance classes.

Alu Spordihoone
Switching to entry codes streamlines the administrative costs.

The complex also includes appropriate locker rooms and other necessary infrastructure. The fitness center features modern equipment, and the sports hall’s lighting was recently updated.

A larger renovation hasn’t been done yet, at least not initially, but the essential work has been completed. Who knows, it might be possible to make more significant improvements to the building in the future, as they have successfully optimized daily administrative costs. This spring, a connection was found with the services provided by Weblock and Hopitude. This allowed the automation of daily administrative tasks. Ticket purchasing and bookings were fully transitioned to the online booking system offered by Hopitude. Entry to the sports hall is now managed with personal access codes thanks to WebLock’s access control system.

WebLock keypad on the door
Customers scan a QR code to purchase a daily or multi-visit pass.

The booking process is easy

Clients have an option to purchase a single-entry pass, a 10-visit pass, a monthly card, or a longer-term access pass. Each visit lasts for two hours. During this time, visitors can use their code to open various doors in the building without it counting as a new visit. The doors that customers are allowed to open are determined by the service they have purchased. As a security measure, cameras are used to detect pass misuse, such as checking how many people enter with a single code.

According to Jaan Schmidt, CEO of SA Rapla Spordirajatised, the cost savings have been significant:

Previously, we had administrators working at the front desk in two shifts. Thanks to this service, we are moving towards having the cleaner as the only person who needs to be regularly present in the building.

The Hopitude booking system and WebLock access control communicate automatically. There is no need for an administrator to intervene in the booking process. After selecting a service and making payment on the website, clients receive a confirmation with a personal access code. If the customer buys a multi-visit pass, the system tracks their visits and invalidates the access code afterward. Similarly, it is not possible to enter the sports hall with a personal access code after the period card has expired.

Thanks to the WebLock access control, maintenance workers can be granted access without needing to be present on-site. Additionally, the cleaner can use their personal access code to enter the building. The booking system for Alu Sports Hall can be found on their website. The Hopitude booking system can also be added as a booking link on a Facebook page.

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