Transforming Built-to-Rent Homes with WebLock

A new modern rental apartment complex has been completed – Hessnery Residences in Tallinn. The smart locking solution for the rental house is from WebLock.

The apartments in the rental building are luxuriously furnished and ready for the tenants to move in immediately. The residents of the house enter the residence conveniently with their personal code. No worries about losing your keys!
The house manager’s life is also easier – no annoying handing over of keys and asking for them back when the tenants leave. When the customer’s rental agreement ends, the access code will also automatically expire. In order to formalize access for a new tenant, the manager does not even need to go to the house, locks and access can be managed conveniently from his computer.

Ask for a smart locking solution for your new built-to-rent project:

Photos: Hessnery Residents in Tallinn, photographer Erlend Štaub